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RidgeStar RefereesTerm provides licensed referees to a variety of soccer competitions around the Pacific Northwest.1 We serve many clients, including adult amateur, high school, and youth Leagues.

How We're Organized

RidgeStar Referees is managed by a Board of Directors, who are elected from among our general membership. Additionally, the Board of Directors appoints an AdministratorTerm who performs administrative tasks for the association on behalf of the Board (sometimes called the "WebMaster" or the "SiteManager").

Contact Information

You can reach RidgeStar RefereesTerm or obtain additional information about a Referee Management SiteTerm through any of the following contact mechanisms:

(360) 676-5999(360) 676-5999
Mailing Address
  • 1010 Harris Avenue #201
  • Bellingham, WA 98225 USA
  1. The Visitor is reminded that this site is a demonstration site and the Users, Matches, Leagues, and Clients are NOT real. They are listed here only to provide a demonstration of the capabilities of a Referee Management SiteTerm. Any similarity between these entities and real ones is purely coincidental and is NOT intended to reference or represent any real organization or person.