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Welcome to the sample RidgeStar Referees public Information SegmentTerm You can access any of the following tools and information by clicking the hyperlinked keywords at the left of the screen:

About Us
Get information on the fictitious RidgeStar RefereesTerm (the pseudonym we're using on this site that represents the fictitious ChapterTerm that is behind this site)
Find out about upcoming Events, Clinics, Meetings, and related Activities! Don't miss out on the latest happenings!
Have a look at a map of the U.S. where RidgeStar knows of active Referee Chapters
Get addresses, maps, and directions to the soccer fields and facilities used for matches, clinics, and meetings by RidgeStar Referees.
The current Board of Directors (elected Officers) of RidgeStar Referees
Find out how to go about getting your own Referee Management SiteTerm
Use the Google Search Site to interrogate about pages available at meeting particular keyword criteria
An outline of the site pages available for use
A list of the key terms and phrases used through the RidgeStar Referees site. You can also obtain a Term's definition anywhere on the site when you see the small gray question mark next to a TermTerm by simply clicking on it.


The Information segment is the primary Public segment on the site (Logon logon and the Home Page itself are also public).

The Table of Contents (TOC) at the left side of the page can range from very simple to quite complex, depending upon the volume of public information that needs to be made available. Common sorts of functions are: About Us (identifying the Organization behind the Site), Locations (geographic addresses for Playing Fields), Officers (Board of Directors),

We've a long list of Public functions that we've crafted for Clients over the years (just ask), including but not limited to: Clinic schedules (including Registration processing), Resources (publishing a list of documents or Internet References), FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), Standings (yes, a table of a competitive Division and who's in first, etc.), ....

and the list goes on ... and on ... and on ...